Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LDS Online Missionaries

How many times do you use the computer a day? Once, twice, maybe three, or four? It seems like theses days it is almost impossible to stop yourself from using the computer in some way. The internet has always been a powerful way to share information. In the modern world it seems like it is almost impossible to do anything without turning to the internet for support. So why shouldn't the computer and the internet be used for the most important message there is to share? Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Today marks the start of a powerful event called the
 'Mormon Missionary

The event is "spiritual warm-up for General Conference talks..." and invites us to:
"Fire it up right by finding blogs by full-time missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

The event challenges us to:

1.) "Spend an hour peacefully finding spiritual insights that will prepare you to take in greater light by listening to General Conference the weekend of April 3." 

2.) "Prayerfully think of a friend that might be benefited by your favorite blog post. Share the post with them over Facebook or email along with an invitation to watch General Conference. Even better, you might invite them over to watch General Conference with you, and share the blog post with them on your computer in person."

3.) "After General Conference, ask them how Conference was and how the blog post helped them. See if they'd like to learn more about the gospel from the missionary who wrote the post.
You can contact the missionary through his or her Facebook badge."

Share The Gospel of Jesus Christ

I know that there is no better preparation for General Conference than listening to the words of Jesus Christ himself. One great way we can do this is by reading the messages of the full-time missionaries through thier blogs! While reading other missionaries blogs I have found peace and inspiring messages that bring me closer to christ.

Below is a list of some of my favorite blogs:

You may also see other online missionary blogs by visiting:

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